Want to learn an Indonesian Traditional Dance?
We will be teaching a dance from Papua: Yosim Pancar
Classes will be held every Sunday afternoon

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Saung Budaya 2017 Campus Tour!
Sharing the diverse and elegant beauty of the many islands of Indonesia through music and dance.

Nyack New York's Christian College

University at Buffalo The State University of New York


Purdue University

Cornell University

Want Saung Budaya to perform at you school?
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Saung Budaya would like to thank everyone who attended:

GONG: Spirits of the Archipelago
Saung Budaya's 10th Year Celebration

We would like to thank all our sponsors and all those that supported us for making this show a success! 

Saung Budaya is an Indonesian Dance Group based in New York City. It was founded by Amalia Suryani in 2006 with intentions to introduce Indonesian culture through music and dances. The group has presented an array of traditional and contemporary art and culture from Indonesia. In this tenth year, through a show titled “GONG: Spirits of the Archipelago”, Saung Budaya is proud to present eight newly choreographed traditional dances from Papua, Borneo, Sumatra, and Java, in addition to contemporary dances accompanied by a live music ensemble from Indonesia. The title GONG, is based on the South East Asian metal percussion instrument that is hit with a mallet. Though Indonesia’s various islands have different cultures, stories, and souls, the one constant in all things music is the sound of the Gong. Its distinct sound is quite deep and subtle however it is a sound that is familiar to the people of Indonesia. Its significance in daily life is to bring communities together for a start of a celebration; in music and dance, it is the constant sound for tempo and movement. Like the Gong, Saung Budaya has a similar role within the Indonesian American community. This production will showcase the different stories of these islands through the subtle yet important sounds of the Gong and how it unifies Indonesian people and its various cultures. 

 (8) traditional dances and (2) contemporary pieces from islands across Indonesia

Batak/North Sumatra
Captial City of Jakarta
West Java
Minangkabau/West Sumatra
Papua Province
Palembang/South Sumatra

Saung Budaya Indonesian Dance Group was established in 2005 when dance instructor Amalia Suryani came to New York City and held dance workshops in the Indonesian Consulate.
Throughout the years, Saung Budaya has grown to become a vital part of the Indonesian community culture in New York. 
Our goal is to introduce Indonesian culture through dance and music to the Indonesian-American youths in New York City and more generally, to the wider public. 
A variety of dances from all over the Indonesian Archipelago are taught within the group who have performed around New York City, Upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Saung Budaya currently consists of 20 dancers whom are mostly students and young professionals.

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Would you like Saung Budaya to perform at your event?

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Want to Take Dance and Music Classes with Saung Budaya?

We ask for your commitment and dedication to learning different styles of Indonesian Dances.

There is a one-time registration fee of $25 which includes one month of dance classes!

To insure your commitment, instead of asking for a per-class fee, we ask for a monthly fee of $30.

No Dance or Music Experience Necessary!
Come enjoy the many beautiful dance styles of the wonderful Indonesian culture. 

Class are held every Sunday afternoon.

To sign up or for more information email us at info@saungbudaya.com


Some of our Memorable Appearances:

  • Award Ceremony for Indonesian President H.E. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for his Excellency's Leadership
  • Opening for a New York Mets Baseball Game for the International Dance Festival at Citi Field
  • Opening Ceremony at the ING New York Marathon
  • Asia Society: Eid Ul-Adha: Family Day
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Lunar Festival
  • American Museum of Natural History: Big Cats
  • Children Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) Muslim Festival
  • NBC Universal Asian Heritage Celebration Event
  • Annual Drums Along The Hudson
  • Annual New York City Dance Parade & Festival
  • Annual New York Times Travel Show

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